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bathrooms & flooring

For timeless elegance a bathroom designed utilising marble, slate, granite or limestone will help create a simple yet classical or modern feel. These wonderful natural materials are available in a wide spectrum of colours and finishes. See our products listed for materials available.


One of the most luxurious materials available for internal wall and floors, marble has the advantage over other stones of its wide range of colours from whites to blacks including pinks, greens, red and beige shades. Veining in most marbles adds visual interest and effect. All marbles take an excellent polish without the need for application of chemicals.

granite & slate

As one of the hardest natural minerals known to man. Granite is an ideal maintenance-free cladding for the facades of public buildings, hotels, banks, kitchen worktops, hearths and flooring. Today, more and more people are enjoying the use of natural materials as furnishings in their homes, the use of granite and slate for items such as washbasins can make a dramatic impact on your bathroom design.


The soft tones and texture of limestone make it an ideal choice for a bathroom environment. From modern to the traditional-style bathrooms, the many types of stone can be implemented in a variety of applications.

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